BatChat With Matt & Will Ep. 6: Spooky Books- The BatChat Marry/F***/Kill Episode

Just in time for Halloween, BatChat takes on three tales of Batman mixing it up with the supernatural. We have vampires, we have immortals, we have werewolves, and we have the scariest thing of all: a new worst story on the list! Listen in to hear what story it is, and hear Matt get so annoyed he becomes incoherent for a minute. Also, Will shares some tragic medical news (Don’t worry; it’s a bit. I think anyway…)

  • Batman/Dracula: Red Rain
  • The Secret of the Waiting Graves (Detective Comics V.1 #395)
  • Superman and Batman Vs. Vampires and Werewolves

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Matt Lazorwitz read his first comic at the age of five. It was Who's Who in the DC Universe #2, featuring characters whose names begin with B, which explains so much about his Batman obsession. He writes about comics he loves, and co-hosts the creator interview podcast WMQ&A with Dan Grote.

Will Nevin loves bourbon and AP style and gets paid to teach one of those things. He is on Twitter far too often.