BatChat With Matt & Will Episode 30: The Demon’s Head-Line

Among Batman’s many foes are serial killers, madmen and monsters. But few are the type of villain who seeks to dominate or control the world. The one who is, possibly the foe that Batman respects and fears the most, is Ra’s al Ghul, the Demon’s Head. Seemingly immortal, Ra’s wants to return the world to a pristine sphere, under his control, and only after wiping out much of humanity. This week, as Ra’s faces his final death in the “Shadow War” even in the current line, we look at three stories of the birth and Death of Ra’s al Ghul.

  • The Demon’s Quest (Batman V.1 #232, 235, 240, 242-244)
  • Batman: Birth of the Demon OGN
  • Death and the Maidens (Batman: Death and the Maidens # 1-9, Detective Comics V.1 # 783 [backup])

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Matt Lazorwitz read his first comic at the age of five. It was Who's Who in the DC Universe #2, featuring characters whose names begin with B, which explains so much about his Batman obsession. He writes about comics he loves, and co-hosts the creator interview podcast WMQ&A with Dan Grote.

Will Nevin loves bourbon and AP style and gets paid to teach one of those things. He is on Twitter far too often.