BatChat With Matt & Will Episode 35: Two Deaths and One Good Day For Jason Todd

Jason Todd is probably the unluckiest Robin (with apologies to Stephanie Brown): seemingly orphaned, lived on the streets, taken in by Batman only to be killed by the Joker only to be resurrected as a homicidal vigilante. But for decades, it was Jason’s death, not his life, that defined him as a character and added a new layer of tragedy to Batman’s life. This week, we’re looking at two stories about the (many) death of Jason Todd, and one story where Jason has a much better go of it.

  • A Death in the Family (Batman V.1 #426-429)
  • The Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade
  • For the Man Who Has Everything (Superman V.1 Annual #11)

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Matt Lazorwitz read his first comic at the age of five. It was Who's Who in the DC Universe #2, featuring characters whose names begin with B, which explains so much about his Batman obsession. He writes about comics he loves, and co-hosts the creator interview podcast WMQ&A with Dan Grote.

Will Nevin loves bourbon and AP style and gets paid to teach one of those things. He is on Twitter far too often.