BatChat With Matt & Will Episode 44: A Master Craftsman

One of the artists most represented on the big board, and probably, if we arrogated based on number of stories and story placement (and that would be higher if Matt got his way with “Blades”), one of the favorite artists we have, comics lost a major talent with the passing of Tim Sale last month. So Matt and Will looked at his catalog of work, and this week, we are featuring three other stories by Tim Sale

  • Solo #1
  • Cold Case (Batman: Shadow of the Bat #7-9)
  • Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1

Be sure to check out this week’s BatChat column, where we look at I Am Batman #11, Batman: Urban Legends #17 and Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #4.

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Matt Lazorwitz read his first comic at the age of five. It was Who's Who in the DC Universe #2, featuring characters whose names begin with B, which explains so much about his Batman obsession. He writes about comics he loves, and co-hosts the creator interview podcast WMQ&A with Dan Grote.