BatChat With Matt & Will Ep.47: Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!

Friend of the show and Patreon backer Dan Grote came at us hard with his new request this week: the out of print and utterly bonkers computer generated graphic novel, Batman: Digital Justice. So this week we dig into three schway stories of Batman of the future.

  • Batman: Digital Justice OGN
  • Grounded (Batman Beyond V.2 #1)
  • Batman: Year 100 #1-4

Be sure to check out this week’s BatChat column, where we look at Batman #126, Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #5 and Batman White Knight Presents: Red Hood #1.

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Matt Lazorwitz read his first comic at the age of five. It was Who's Who in the DC Universe #2, featuring characters whose names begin with B, which explains so much about his Batman obsession. He writes about comics he loves, and co-hosts the creator interview podcast WMQ&A with Dan Grote.

Will Nevin loves bourbon and AP style and gets paid to teach one of those things. He is on Twitter far too often.