Storm Reigns in This Exclusive Variant Cover Reveal for Storm & the Brotherhood of Mutants #2!

Storm & the Brotherhood of Mutants #2 variant cover by Pablo Villalobos
Art by Pablo Villalobos with colors by Jesus Aburtov

With Sinister still a-sinnin’, the Holy Thieves work to assemble a sacred weapon from stolen parts as the alt-universe series Storm & the Brotherhood of Mutants continues!

Marvel has exclusively shared with ComicsXF the above variant cover to issue #2 by Pablo Villalobos.

More from Marvel on Storm & the Brotherhood of Mutants #2:

“100 YEARS SINCE THE SINISTER ERA BEGAN… WAGNERINE and her gene-spliced assassins are HOLY THIEVES, servants to a cosmic cult. Let the HEIST LITURGY be spoken! Loot the ashes of Asgard! Raid the tombs of Otherworld! Pick the pockets of the Marvel Universe and build the sacred weapon! And let us bear witness to the final fate of the First…the fallen fiend who was once known as NIGHTCRAWLER.”

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