Iceman Wants To Kill All The Brood In Our Exclusive Preview Of X-Men #20

Charles Xavier’s original five X-Men have a long history of advocating for, or executing, a genocide. We’re talking sentient races here. Jean and the D’Bari obviously, Cyclops and the Skrulls, Archangel and the whole human race at one point. Honestly it makes Beast’s unpleasantness on Terra Verde seem almost quaint. Not wanting to be left out, Iceman is joining the fun by wishing the utter ruination of The Brood in our exclusive preview of X-Men #20.

The rules of super heroics are clear on this. The Brood, sentient as they may be, are not human. That means that ideas about how frequently super heroes kill go right out the door. It’s “Kill No Man” not “Kill No Sapient Life”. A very xenophobic (as in space aliens) view for Krakoa if you ask me. Anyway The Brood are causing the X-Men to have a bad day, as they are want to do. Iceman? He’s particularly peeved about all this. What will he do? We’ll find out next week as Gerry Duggan and Stefano Caselli deliver X-Men #20.

But we got a preview right here. So look at it and feel lucky I made wrote the copy around this joke instead of my alternate headline “Iceman Gets Penetrated In Our Exclusive Preview Of X-Men #20”.

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