Kissing & Dads In Our Exclusive Preview Of Marauders #12

Dear readers, it is so important that you know the kissing parts and Dad parts of Marauders #12 are unrelated. X-Men books contain multitudes and those multitudes are having feelings about your new girlfriend from a far distant past mutant society as well as other people having feelings about their mob affiliated Dad who, to be fair, was unjustly murdered during a mass destruction of a country. This parallelism is what has made X-Men the series most described as a soap opera by people who do not watch soap operas.

We got Steve Orlando here with Elenora Carlini. They are implying that they will resurrect all of Genosha, destroyed at the start of Grant Morrison’s New X-Men by former Marauders cast member Cassandra Nova. If that sounds up your alley, you should check out Marauders #12 next week. Or at minimum, look at our exclusive preview here.

Clark Urich has been called "The Lester Bangs of Comics" in that he too has overdosed on NyQuil