About ComicsXF

We used to be an X-Men site, but then we started covering other Marvel stuff, and indie comics, and Batman.

We used to be a one-podcast website. Now, in addition to ranking every X-Men story from A to Z on Battle of the Atom, we also interview creators weekly on WMQ&A and break down crossovers on Chrises on Infinite Earths.

We used to be one guy ranking mutants. Now …

We’re a family.

ComicsXF lives at the intersection of comics fandom and everything else. That’s why we have pieces about Taylor Swift songs, pro wrestling, the Taco Bell menu, football, politics and any other number of topics that aren’t strictly related to sequential art.

Because no comics fan is just one thing. Leastaways they shouldn’t be.

So come here for deep discussions of the latest issues of X-Men, Batman, Daredevil and Power Rangers. But stick around and get to know us. We swear we’re delightful.

Who are we?

We’re ComicsXF, and we’re comics AF.


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